SPM- Dedicated Module Set Up

Low cost SPM set up

We offer complete Low Cost Automation SPM Set Up solution for all machining requirements of a component involving Drilling, Tapping, Boring, Spot facing. The carefully developed SPM Modules and our expertise in Design – Manufacture- Supply of over 700 SPMs is used effectively to offer such kind of solution, which is a substitute for VMC,s & CNC Machines.

The customer application requirement is well truly understood & Machine Line.

Layouts with operation details & Machine Tool selection Designed & finalized offers.

Customer benefits through SPM line up

  • Better capacity utilization
  • Accurate quality w.r.t. center distance & other parameters with repetitive accuracy.
  • Saving in Man power.
  • Saving in Machinery.
  • Saving in Floor space.
  • Low Cost automation.
  • Reduction in manufacturing cost per piece.
  • Reducing cutting time as variety of operations are carried out in one set up.
  • Wear & Tear of the machines is also reduced as no. of operations are done in one complete set up.
  • Balancing of the operations & controlled throughout.

SPM modules SLODE units with hardened LM guide ways

  • Telescopic covers.
  • Hardened & ground Rectangular / V guides.
  • Wedges foe adjustments.
  • Bearing surface – Hardened to Cast Iron.
  • Lubrication grooves.
  • Wiper / Scrapers.
  • Slides with LM guides can also be provided.
  • Fees – Ball screw with Servo or Hydraulic or Pneumatic.
  • Working surface dimensions to suit customer specification.
  • Mounting type – Horizontal, Vertical or Inclined.