Tool Re-coating Services

We offer a wide variety of coating like TiN, AlCrN, CrN, TiAlN, TiSi, X-helix, X-power etc., to suit the specific application for various Cutting Tools with all kinds of geometries.

Benefits of Recoating services are:

  • Increase Tool life
  • Improve Tool behaviour
  • Lower Friction Co-efficient
  • Enhance the surfaces of tools
  • Increase productivity of Tools
  • Better performance of tools
  • Give higher machining accuracy
  • Reduces production cost

We use Robotic cleaning Line. Some of the benefits are minimal power consumption and removal of various contaminants without harsh scrubbing. Ultrasonic cleaners remove trace amounts of contaminants even if they are hiding in crevices or tightly embedded onto solid surfaces. It helps to better addegen for PVD Coating.