Online SPC and Multi gauging

Our Advanced technology to connect all measuring instruments to computer for automatic data collection and real time SPC analysis. 

Complete Online Measurement Systems include:

  1. Online SPC system
  2. Online data collection and analysis
  3. Online measurement and closed loop feedback to machines.

MIS in association with IBR, Germany distributes the following products.

  • Digital probes with special sensor bus system.
  • Universal measuring bus for all digital gauges, analog sensors and air gauging.
  • Radio modules with digital gauges.
  • Column and digital gauges.
  • Measuring computers.
  • Software for metrology.

Our global experts provides installation and consulting online SPC system.

Connection of all kinds of sensors and gauges wired or wireless. Flexibility to customers.


Wireless Data Transmission with easy handling, transmission confirmation, full data security. Compact in size with tolerance reply.

ISM/BLE modules

ISM radio modules with 1…500 addresses, battery life of 1 year (CR2032) and long range (200 m)

ISM/BLE modules are compatible to IBRit-rf1 radio modules. It has double range and new permanent mode for live display of the measuring values. These compact size modules have analysis function for interfaces along with option for choosing the radio frequency.


Meas computers for IMBus and ISi-Bus requires IBR_DDK.DLL having Universal Device Driver kit for linking all IBR measuring and interface instruments in Windows 2000 to Windows 10 and CE. It is included in most CAQ software packages such as Q-DAS, IBS, CAQ-AG, Asi-DataMyte, Babtec, Bohme & Weihs, Pickert & Partner, Gewatec and Recktron. IBREXDLL with data collection. ComGage Level 1 / Level 2 / professional software for metrology and statistical process control in manufacturing facilities.