Special Purpose Machines

We design and build fully automatic TPM friendly, IoT enabled machines to increase productivity with best quality at right price.

We have experience delivering wide variety of special purpose machines and solutions. We have delivered following 

Material Handling Solutions.

  1. Robotic arms for loading and unloading on machines.
  2. Conveyor based solutions.
  3. Hydraulic stalkers, lifters and movers.
  4. Line automation for parts loading, unloading, transfer and/or measurements.
  5. Part transfer systems.
  6. Pallets for loading, unloading transfer and storages.


  1. Barcode Poka yoke. 
  2. RFID based Poka yoke.
  3. Camera based Poka yoke.
  4. Integrations with existing systems and databases.
  5. Integrations with existing SAP/ERP systems.

Automatic Assembly Special Purpose Machines.

  1. Measurement and selective assembly.
  2. Automatic assembly of child parts.
  3. Assembly and package machines.
  4. Automatic feeding and assembly SPM.
  5. Vibratory and rotary feeders (conical, cylindrical bawl feeders).
  6. Measurement, sorting, assembly, marking and packing machines.
  7. Combination of all operations as per custom requirements. 

Metal cutting or manufacturing special purpose machines.

  1. Multi spindle drilling machine. 
  2. Multi spindle tapping machine.
  3. Multi spindle boaring machine.
  4. Multi spindle milling machine.
  5. Multi spindle turning machine.
  6. Multi spindle heads for all above operations.
  7. SPM with combination of all above operations.
  8. SPM with operations and measurements.